YoliGhost (a.k.a. Jeromie Jacobs) is a Chicago Westside native born into a large family. From a young age, Jeromie began to live it freestyle. Jeromie dropped out of highschool to run the streets. At a young age, Jeromie would tell others “ Why wait to be what you are already!” In addition, Jeromie began to see the beauty that comes with the growing freedom of trying to loving everyone and everything. His love of “everyone and everything” helped Jeromie fuel a desire to grow as both an artist in painting and music.  Soon, Jeromie opened up  multiple shops on Chicago’s infamous Madison street inviting artists from all over the world to paint murals, collab on music, etc. One of the greatest highlights for Jeromie was meeting Kool and the Gang in one of his shops. Jeromie led his shops to be profitable businesses. He tirelessly worked 14 hours every day to show that strength is highly profitable even during recessions.

​Jeromie has been working around music for 20 years in Chicago. Now, he wants to introduce his secret collection of hits to the World. Jeromie’s first worldwide rollout includes Er’body Jump (2017) - Boogla Records (Chicago).  

For inquiries, email: yolighost@booglarecords.com